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Brrng +

Building your business process on MPESA API in Kenya is as easy as signing up on Brrng. We have integrated Kopokopo's MPESA API to instantly plug and play into your current Messaging or Telephony needs. With the added advantage of third party integrations like Salesforce and Microsoft dynamics.

IVR Payments

"Press 1 to make a payment" and we will pop the MPESA STK on any mobile device.


Trigger a branded SMS receipt after a transaction using data from your order system.


Schedule payment reminders. Auto-Pop the STK and collect your payment.


Understand the direct co-relation between your communication and your conversions.

Boost sales by adding MPESA to your IVR flows

MPESA is the No.1 Mobile payment gateway in Africa. With over 24M subscribers transacting an average of $30 per day, MPESA is critical for any business to operate in Kenya. Using Brrng's out of the box Kopokopo integration, create a business process flow that helps your customers enjoy social commerce via your IVR/PBX or Messaging, helping you seamlessly attribute interactions to sales. No more guesswork. Our out of the box integration includes:

  • Automated Payment Processing
  • Automated Payment Reversal
  • Automated Instant Acknowlegdement

  • (Image courtesy of Kopokopo)

Integrate MPESA API
into your current systems?

Save transactions into your CRM, attribute transactions to Facebook Pixel, send receipts via SMS. Brrng's out of the box native implementation are here to help.

Microsoft Dynamics
Google Sheets