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Brrng +

Looking to integrate cloud telephony / PBX to Salesforce CTI in Kenya, Uganda or Nigeria? Brrng's Salesforce CTI out of the box capabilities implements Africastalking api's to help you use the tools you already know and love to enhance your IVR phone conversations. Whether you need to identify a caller by name, register a new lead, record calls or send out Messaging.

Open CTI

Make Inbound & Outbound calls. Pop up records and track engagements.


Add SMS into your workflow using out of the box API's to start sending bulk messages.


Create messaging templates using Salesforce fields. Press send and let us do the rest.

Campaign Attribution

Use multiple phone numbers and tag them directly to Salesforce campaigns.

GDPR compliant support

Protect your customer data by allowing access only when calls are ongoing.


Trigger marketing or reminder Robocalls via Brrng's out of the box integration API.


Automatically create tickets and notify customers via SMS on status change.


Securely store recorded calls on Brrng and get to listen to them from Salesforce.

Make your agents more productive by adding telephony into Salesforce

Using the No.1 Customer Service IVR/PBX system in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, simplify purchasing, setup, and rollout of your contact center telephony with Brrng's out of the box capabilites. Salesforce brings together the wide array of benefits of Brrng, like intelligent cloud telephony, IVR, call routing and storage, with CRM data. Now, agents can help customers more effectively when your phone channel runs seamlessly inside of Service Cloud — right alongside your web and social channels. This allows your customers to talk to the right agent, at the right time. You can give your agents all the context they need to help customers with fewer interactions.

Not a Salesforce user?
Here are other Customer Management tools we plug to.

Brrng ties into your existing Salesforce tools, services, and workflow. Optimise flows with google analytics, collect payments via M-PESA, create orders on salesforce and more.

Microsoft Dynamics
Google Sheets
Google Calendar