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Equity’s Jenga API‍

Equity bank is a financial service provider that has its headquarters in Kenya, and has been licensed as a commercial bank by the Central Bank of Kenya.

Through their subsidiary Finserve Africa, they are the providers of  JengaAPI and Jenga Payment Gateway.

Jenga Payment Gateway

Jenga Payment Gateway is an online payment system where merchants are able to receive payments from various sources into their bank accounts. This lets your customers decide the means to pay you as you have availed to them every avenue available.


The JengaAPI provides organizations and developers with assorted APIs to integrate fintech services to their platforms and systems.

Some of the APIs available according to functionality include:

  • Receive payments
  • Buy goods,
  • Pay bills,
  • Get airtime / Credit
  • Send money
  • Validate customers through KYC

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Quick integration with the Equity Bank JengaAPI

Brrng enables you to leverage the benefits of Equity bank's financial infrastructure for your business without writing any code. Some of the capabilities of the Equity bank JengaAPI integration include:

  • Automate payments from your customers by initiating payments for Goods and Services on behalf of the customer when they are ready to make a purchase so that they can validate the payment on their phone to complete the transaction
  • Validate bill payments to ensure they exist and the correct details have been provided before the payment is actually made.
  • Digitize your business across East and Central Africa to make and receive payments to your Equity bank account in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, DRC and South Sudan.
  • Access a wide range of payments channels such as payments to MPESA / Airtel / Equitel / Pesalink Mobile / Pesalink Bank.
  • Perform KYC and validate the identity of your customers before allowing them to use your service.
  • Using the Brrng flows, automate your payments across your business processes, for example, once an invoice has been received, reviewed and approved, automatically trigger a payment to the associated supplier.
  • Perform KYC - JengaAPI has integrated to the registrar of persons and other national and international databases to ensure you can validate and perform adequate customer due diligence before allowing them to use your service.
  • Easily access your account services from your platform of choice. Some of the provided capabilities include:
    - Send Money - To Equity /MPESA / Airtel / Equitel / Pesalink Mobile / Pesalink Bank.
    - Send Money - Via RTGS
    - Get account balance
    - Account inquiry
  • Access and automate send money and KYC  on the Brrng CRM using the Equity Bank app integrated on Brrng.

Updated on Nov 02, 2022


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