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Who is Glovo?

Glovo is an international tech company, founded in Spain in the year2015 with the aim of connecting customers, businesses and couriers. In Kenya, they are famously known for their food deliveries, but they also provide customers with access to local goods and products from pharmacies, shops and even groceries.

How do they do that?

By working hand in hand with local stores, businesses and couriers, Glovo has built an online platform where customers can login and access on-demand services and products that are close to them.

One of the platform’s most important features is geolocation. 

Geolocation on the platform serves to:

  • Connect customers to stores / businesses on Glovo that are within a city in their vicinity.
  • Aid the platform in connecting the customer to the nearest courier relative to the store's location.
  • Enable the customer to have visibility into their order by tracking their deliveries on the platform in real time.

How it works

Through Glovo’s mobile application, customers can place orders from their favorite stores and restaurants from their smartphones.

The platform will then locate a courier who will go collect the order from the vendor or merchant. These couriers are independent couriers registered with Glovo who deliver goods at a variable fee. The courier will then deliver to the customer’s doorstep after which the customer will make payment for the delivery.

In addition to items listed in the app, Glovo has “Anything” orders that allows customers to order from stores not listed on Glovo and a courier will pick up and deliver the item in less than an hour. It is just like having a personal courier to run your errands.

Areas of operations

Glovo being a global multicategory player has set up its operations in Europe, Western Asia and Africa.

With its exponential growth, Glovo has expanded its services to 7 African countries i.e. Kenya, Ghana, Tunisia, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire and Morocco providing services to more than 40 cities and working hand in hand with more than 8000 restaurants.

In Kenya, Glovo has partnered with the leading providers such as Carrefour and Naivas to avail a wide array of products to customers.

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Quick integration with Glovo (Glovo Partners API)

Brrng enables you to integrate with the Glovo Partners API in minutes without writing any code. Some capabilities of the Glovo Partners API integration include:

  • Manage your store on the Glovo platform from Brrng CRM or on your third party systems via Brrng.
  • Easily update your menu on Glovo.
  • Orders made by customers on Glovo can be saved on Brrng giving you visibility on all the orders made to your store so you can track and manage them. This is done for the purpose of improving efficiency and keeping data in sync with your business.
  • You can save the Glovo status of each order on Brrng and even trigger the next action to take for each order status change. For example, when the status of a order changes e.g. from "Ready for pick-up" to "Out for delivery", you can send an SMS to the customer to inform them of the status of their order. When the order is completed, you could send the customer a message to thank them for the purchase.

Updated on Jul 14, 2022


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