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30M Kenyans actively use M-Pesa monthly

Mpesa is one of Africa's most popular mobile money services that serves businesses and individuals. It's praised as having the ability to serve both the banked and unbanked, making it the most preferable and convenient means of money transfer across Kenya.

As of March 2022, It is estimated that M-Pesa has over 30 million active monthly users in Kenya.

With such a broad reach in the population, it is no wonder businesses have quickly adopted it when making and receiving payments.

Seeing that Mpesa has a powerful place in businesses today, the next question would be how do businesses get to leverage the most out of Mpesa?

The answer lies in Mpesa API integration for business.

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Mpesa Daraja API integration

With a majority of businesses exposing their services and products to online platforms, it also makes sense to leverage the convenience of Mpesa to such platforms. This is made possible through Mpesa daraja integration.

Mpesa daraja integration simply means harmonising your business i.e. from your systems, website and applications with Mpesa via the Mpesa api. 

This means adoption of Mpesa services into your business module so as to automate payments, disbursements as well as transaction record management. 

With the Mpesa api integration, you get to enjoy services such as:

Disbursements (B2C payments)

Some use cases of disbursements include charities doing disbursements to rural areas without being restricted by lack of connectivity to the internet.

You can also disburse money for your employees and have all the details captured on your systems.

Brrng enables you to automate disbursements by allowing you to create event based triggers to disburse money to your downstream systems. 

For example, when a charity’s constituents meet certain conditions (as captured on the system), Brrng triggers a fund disbursement via the Mpesa integration and has the transaction details recorded against the constituent’s profile. 

Services (C2B) payments

There are two ways in which the consumer to business payments happen, and this is through the C2B Mpesa api and Lipa na Mpesa (STK Push) Mpesa Api.

  • The C2B Mpesa api enables the consumer to go to Mpesa and dial in to specify the person they want to pay and the amount.
  • For the Lipa na Mpesa (STK Push) Mpesa api, there is no manual payment procedure a customer has to undergo to make the payment to the business. 

    Instead, once a consumer has selected their product or service from the merchant’s platform, an Mpesa USSD pop up appears on their screen detailing the name of the business, and amount to pay.
  • All the consumer does is enter their Mpesa pin to confirm the transaction. This way, the consumer does not have to worry about sending money to the wrong establishment accidentally.

With the Brrng - Mpesa api integration, you can now connect your Mpesa Buy Goods and Paybill to your CRM or other systems to automate, capture and record all transactions in real time.

Depending on the type of service your business would like to adopt, Mpesa has exposed various Mpesa API endpoints for the different services available. These are accessible from their online portal dubbed Daraja. The api endpoints include:

  1. Lipa na Mpesa Online API
  2. Client to Business (C2B) API
  3. Business to Client (B2C) API
  4. Business to Business (B2B) API
  5. Reversal

Benefits of Mpesa API integration

  1. Automate payment collections—demand for payment when it is due, not when you remember.
  2. The Mpesa API integration enables you to reconcile with your database or 3rd party system or even a CRM such as Brrng.
  3. Businesses and merchants can receive real-time notifications on payments from clients and have the transactions automatically captured on their systems using the C2B Mpesa API integration.
  4. Businesses can deliver the Lipa Na Mpesa experience to their customers using the Lipa Na Mpesa Express (STK Push) API to auto-initiate a transaction on behalf of the customer.
  5. Reject erroneous payments by reconciling what has been paid to what is expected.

Updated on Jul 14, 2022


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