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Make it easy for your business to verify your customer’s address through their smartphone, replacing manual processes like utility bills and physical visits.

What is OkHi

Founded in 2015, OkHi is a tech firm that has developed the world’s first digital / smart addressing system that can verify a person’s address through their smartphone.

Okhi set up with a mission of addressing the poor addressing infrastructure in Africa that made it difficult to confirm a person’s address or even navigate to the specific address.

Through this smart addressing system, firms such as banks and organizations that require address verification will be able to collect and verify their customers' addresses through their smartphones.

Timbo Drayson, founder of Okhi, was a former employee at Google as a product manager. He was part of the team that launched Google Maps and this is where he discovered the addressing issue, especially in Africa.

Whether requesting for a delivery or registering a Sim card, a major requirement is the provision of an address. However, it is estimated that over 4 billion people across the world do not have a registered physical address. Okhi was founded to address this issue and have people without a physical address added to the global address system.

How does Okhi work?

From the Okhi website, a consumer creates their address by selecting their residence using a pin on a virtual map. This pins to the exact street of residence. 

Having collected the address, Okhi uses the consumer's phone to actively check how much time they spend at the address and uses their AI-powered engine to determine if they actually live there.

Once verified, the person is able to provide this address when requested by any Okhi-partnered organizations.

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Quick integration with Ohi

Brrng enables you to leverage Okhi's smart addressing platform without writing any code. Some benefits of the Okhi API integration include:

  • Collect an accurate address from your customer using Okhi on Brrng or your third party systems. This ensures the data you store on your customers is valid and usable.
  • After you have collected the customer's address, Okhi will verify your customer's address continuously to ensure your data is updated.
  • You can navigate and deliver to your customer's door without getting lost.
  • No need to send physical agents to confirm the address as Okhi's remote address verification will take care of this for you.
  • Design your entire USSD platform on Brrng to include Okhi smart addressing capabilities without writing any code.  The data collected from USSD will trigger Okhi to verify the address which will then be saved onto your system including whether the Okhi verification failed or passed. What would have taken months to build can be done in days.
  • You can use Brrng flows to automate collection and verification of your customer's address on Okhi. Once verified, you can trigger the next course of action e.g. sending an SMS that they have been verified and can proceed with another process.

Updated on Aug 19, 2022


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