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Pezesha for Buy Now Pay Later

The name Pezesha comes from the acronyms of two Swahili words i.e. Pesa and Wezesha to mean Capital enabler or Financial empowerment.

Started in 2016 as a fintech company, Pezesha Africa has built a digital lending infrastructure and marketplace that is also available on API, where Small and Medium Businesses can automate access to working capital to scale and grow their business.

They do this by connecting quality SMEs (SMEs that have passed their credit scoring) to investors and non-traditional financial institutions. 

Currently, Pezesha Africa is operational in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda, and is still looking to expand further across Africa.

To access the working capital, an SME must fill an online application. A credit scoring is done based on the information provided in the application to prove the SME’s eligibility. 

If approved, a loan offer is sent to the SME with terms stated. When the loan offer is accepted by the SME, they will be matched with an investor on the Pezesha platform, who will then lend to the SME based on their risk profile.

The loan will be automatically funded to the SMEs business bank account or mobile wallet.

Next the SME will undergo financial education and loan monitoring to ensure the loan is used for the intended purpose.

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Quick integration with Pezesha

Brrng enables you to leverage the benefits of Pezesha's lending infrastructure for your business without writing any code. Some of the capabilities of the Pezesha API integration include:

  • To register your customer as an agent on the Pezesha platform. Once your customer has been registered on the platform, you can borrow on their behalf to fund product's purchased from your business.
  • To inform Pezesha that your customer has accepted their terms and conditions via the API integration without having to manually do so.
  • To opt out your customer from the Pezesha eco-system if they no longer wish to borrow via Pezesha in the future.
  • The API integration helps you to upload your customer's historical transactions into Pezesha's credit scoring engine automatically. These could be previous orders from the Orders collection, or in real time as they make the orders.
  • After you have submitted the customer's historical transactions via the Pezesha API, you can now go ahead to retrieve your customer's loan limit based on their credit score.
  • If your customer had requested to finance their purchase via a loan, you can go ahead and apply for a loan on their behalf via the integration without having to manually do so.
  • You can use Brrng flows to create a schedule that queries for the status of their recently applied loan on behalf of your customer. Once it is approved, you can save the status to Brrng and trigger the next action e.g. send an SMS.
  • To retrieve your loan history as a loan merchant.
  • To trigger the Pezesha-Mpesa STK for loan repayments.
  • To perform credit check and KYC.

Updated on Aug 19, 2022


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