Collect Salesforce leads via USSD — no code required.

Brrng lets you connect Salesforce to USSD so you can automate lead and orders collection, payment processing and more. So that you have time for what matters more. — no code is required.

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Collecting and analysing leads is essential for any business using Salesforce for lead management. With Brrng, you can use USSD as a channel to provide access to agents and users in far-to-reach areas. USSD is an inexpensive tool that your users can dial from and access your services. Brrng helps you create and publish a USSD menu in minutes, not days — Most importantly, no developer resources are needed to get started.

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QUERY, Read, create

Create Salesforce records without APEX.

Create Salesforce leads without writing APEX code. With our direct SOQL integration, you can query, read and write to Salesforce via click and config.


Query for Salesforce data like products and display on USSD.


Create and update Salesforce records based on data collected.


Save on Salesforce licenses.

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Relationships that matter.

Plan, engage, and analyse with ease. Transform your customer relationship with an all-in-one platform.

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